Hey I should blog more often..

Sorry its been a while – mostly now on twitter – but thinking that the long form is still needed…

5 Responses to “Hey I should blog more often..”

  1. reductio as absurdum says:

    case in point

  2. Yoav Shapira says:

    You could connect your Twitter account and blog so they cross-post.

  3. Alex Bain says:

    Welcome back. I held onto this RSS feed in case you came around :-)

    I’ve seen that my friends who use the Tumblr platform, as opposed to Bligger or WordPress, are the most likely to keep up their posting frequency, & it tollerates long-form posts as well as anything else, too.

    Maybe it’s worth giving spoudaiospaizen.tumblr.com a shot?

  4. Joost Bonsen says:

    Yes, the long-form is indeed a worthy medium. But your latest post seems rather short and tweet…

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